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Bộ Thanh niên

Explore a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God by attending Deacon Tom Jakobs' upcoming Fall Retreat.  

Fall Retreat

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Discussions will include:

  1. Faith in the God of love

  2. Hope that our lives matter, that what we do brings about the Kingdom of God, even if the fulfillment of the kingdom is beyond our knowing

  3. Loving God and neighbor

    1. Using love languages as a framework for practically loving others (words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, physical touch)

    2. Choosing to companion others in their suffering (to be with someone, to sooth their suffering without the need to fix it)

    3. What is God’s love language? (quality time and acts of service)

                    i.      Out relationship with God grows when we                                    listen in prayer (giving God quality time) and                                love our neighbor (acts of service)


This retreat builds on the theology we have learned over the years and (hopefully) provides practical ways to live our faith – to be Christians.

Past Retreats

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Click below to listen to Deacon Tom's weekly episodes or click the PDF to read the
retreat handout. 

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