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  • ABC FEST | CTK Church

    Các sự kiện hàng năm của Nhà thờ Click below to register as a vendor. Vender Registration To purchase tickets to ABC Fest. Venmo username: CTKParishFS You may also purchase tickets at the church office during office hours M-F 8am-4:30pm. 48945472242_5bf760055d_c 48942189568_f202aa5960_c 48942188478_68e6dca2fd_c 48945472242_5bf760055d_c 1/3


    First Holy Communion Contact: Cindy Barr Ph.: 479-783-7745 email: The risen Jesus is present with us at Mass. He shares with us the gift of his Body and Blood. At Mass, we receive the gift of the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion. Sharing Holy Communion joins us more closely with Jesus Christ and with all the members of His church. We are made one with Jesus and with each other. Preparation for First Holy Communion is a 2-year process . Children are required to have attended Catholic School or a Parish Religious Education Program for two consecutive years before they make their First Communion. Children who do not attend Christ the King Catholic School should attend the Parish Religious Classes on Sundays from 10:00-11:30 AM. Call the church office at 783-7745 if you have questions.

  • CONTACT | CTK Church

    LIÊN HỆ TOUR TRỢ CẤP Tôi là một đoạn văn. Bấm vào đây để thêm văn bản của riêng bạn và chỉnh sửa tôi. Hãy để người dùng của bạn biết đến bạn.


    Eagle Excellence Annual Fund Eagle Excellence Annual Fund FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Why does Christ the King need an Annual Fund Campaign? Tuition and fees only cover 66% of the full cost to educate a child here and in order to keep tuition affordable, our school relies on parish subsidy, parent-led fundraising programs and our development campaigns such as the Annual Fund to broaden our base of support and ensure financial stability. 2. What is the goal of the Annual Fund Campaign, and how will the gifts be used? Our budget goal is to raise unrestricted cash gifts from donors to meet immediate needs. All gifts received will be used for general operating expenses in the coming 12 months such as: Updating Textbooks & Curriculum Expanding Safety and Security Measures Upgrading Technology Enhancing Art & Music Programs Meeting Rising Utility & Insurance Costs Maintaining Buildings, Grounds, & Equipment benefiting all Ministries 3. Who participates in the Annual Fund Campaign? Donors include parishioners, school families, friends, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff. As well, corporate and foundation matching grants comprise several of our campaign gifts. 4. What is the timeline for this Campaign? The Annual Appeal is run throughout the entire school calendar year starting with our first mailing in November, efforts during Catholic Schools Week and the national day of giving, and our Annual Report in June. 5. Can my Annual Fund gift be matched by my employer? Depending on your employer, most charitable gifts to a private elementary school can be matched. For information regarding your employer's matching gifts policy, please contact your company’s Human Resources office. 6. Can I charge my gift, or have donations automatically deducted from my checking or savings account? Yes to both! Donors can charge their Annual Fund gift to their VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards. Gifts can be charged using our Paypal donation link or by calling our office. As well, donor can request gifts be deducted via electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a checking or savings account following completion of an authorization form which must be signed and returned to the Development Office with a canceled check attached. 7. Can I give monthly or does it have to be all at once? You can donate your entire amount at one time or we can set up recurring gifts so the amount is spread out monthly. 8. What is the school doing to control tuition increases? It is a goal of Father Juan Guido to have a tuition decrease in the next 5 years. We are trying our best to keep tuition affordable, while being fiscally responsible and still meeting the needs of our students. Increased giving to the annual fund will help our goal of keeping tuition as low as possible.

  • GIVE | CTK Church

    Support Our Church Ways to Give We are excited to announce that we now offer our parishioners a safe and secure way to give online through our online giving portal. To make a secure, one-time or recurring gift, click on one of our funds below and follow the simple instructions. We also offer recurring collections. Every dollar given to Christ the King Church and School makes a difference. Your generosity is valued, and we cannot maintain our wonderful church or school without help from individuals such as yourself. ​ Catholic education is a transformative education, one that helps students grow in mind, heart, and spirit. The lasting gift of Catholic education provides a strong foundation for the development of a lifetime devotion to service and learning and is truly one of the greatest legacies we can offer to our students. ​ Through the generosity of families and friends of Catholic education, more students each year are able to receive a comprehensive and transformative education at Christ the King. We invite you to prayerfully consider investing in the future of a student through a gift to one of our funds. As we witness, each day in the success stories of our school, the return on such an investment has no limits. All charitable contributions to our schools are great blessings, for which we are truly thankful. ​ Weekly Contributions Every dollar given to Christ the King makes a difference. Your generosity is valued, and we cannot maintain our wonderful church or school without help from individuals such as yourself. Click HERE to give to your weekly tithing. ​ Trust & Endowment Fund The mission of the Trust and Endowment Fund (TEF) is to provide an opportunity for all Catholic children within our parish to receive a Catholic education. Click HERE to give to our Trust & Endowment Fund. ​ ​ Tuition Assistance By giving to our Tuition Assistance Fund, you help families that cannot normally afford the cost of tuition. This helps support the families that have a desire to educate their children in a faith-based environment. ​ Click HERE to give to our Tuition Assistance Fund. ​ Annual Appeal Annual Appeal is vital to the daily operation and maintenance of our campus, technology updates, arts, music, enrichment program development, safety and security improvements, teachers’ salaries, and other necessities. ​ Click HERE to give to our Annual Appeal. Building Fund Our Building Fund is crucial to maintain the appearance and daily maintenance of our Church and Chapel. As our Chapel ages over 94 years old and our Church approaches 50 years standing, giving to the Building Fund is paramount. Click HERE to give our Building Fund. Stay Connected with Our App View your donation history, register for events and more all with the convenience of your phone. Sign up Today. Other Ways to Give We offer many ways for parishioners to give to the church and school. Please see the list for all of these options. Click here to donate via Paypal . Click here to donate via Venmo. EFT - Please contact the church office at 479-783-7745 to find out how to set up an Electric Funds Transfer (EFT). Stock Option - Gift of Securities stock gift, Diocese of Little Rock, AR. Stocks and Securities Stocks and securities donations to our church go thru the Diocese office Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal (CASA). You do not pay capital gains tax on donations of appreciated stock or mutual funds. Gifts of appreciated stock or mutual funds may afford you a significant tax advantage: ​ › casa › giving ​ For more details on how to give a git of Securities Stock please call the church office at 479-783-7745. Company Match - Your employer may match donations to charitable organizations. This is a great way to boost your contribution to our church and school.


    Lịch trình của Bộ Nếu bạn có thể thay thế hoặc tình nguyện cho một vị trí mở, vui lòng nhấp vào ĐÂY . Nhấp vào liên kết này để xem lịch trình của Bộ. Lịch & Lịch Bộ Anchor 1


    Đăng ký Giáo dân Parishioner Registration

  • WELCOME | CTK Church

    Chúng tôi chia sẻ đức tin chung của chúng tôi vào Chúa Giê-xu Christ theo những lời dạy của Giáo hội Công giáo La Mã. Chúng ta cùng nhau đưa mình đến gần Đức Chúa Trời và nhau hơn qua sự hỗ trợ tinh thần và thờ phượng, giáo dục, thông công, và yêu thương phục vụ những người lân cận. Tham gia ngay Chào mừng Thư từ Cha Juan Guido A Note from Father Brian Cundall Đây là trang Giới thiệu của bạn. Không gian này là một cơ hội tuyệt vời để cung cấp thông tin cơ bản đầy đủ về bạn là ai, bạn làm gì và trang web của bạn có gì để cung cấp. Người dùng của bạn thực sự muốn tìm hiểu thêm về bạn, vì vậy đừng ngại chia sẻ những giai thoại cá nhân để tạo ra chất lượng thân thiện hơn. Mỗi trang web đều có một câu chuyện và khách truy cập của bạn muốn nghe câu chuyện của bạn. Không gian này là một cơ hội tuyệt vời để cung cấp bất kỳ thông tin chi tiết cá nhân nào bạn muốn chia sẻ với những người theo dõi của mình. Bao gồm những giai thoại và sự kiện thú vị để thu hút người đọc. Nhấp đúp vào hộp văn bản để bắt đầu chỉnh sửa nội dung của bạn và đảm bảo thêm tất cả các chi tiết liên quan mà bạn muốn khách truy cập trang web biết. Nếu bạn là một doanh nghiệp, hãy nói về cách bạn bắt đầu và chia sẻ hành trình chuyên nghiệp của mình. Giải thích giá trị cốt lõi của bạn, cam kết của bạn với khách hàng và cách bạn nổi bật giữa đám đông. Thêm ảnh, thư viện hoặc video để thu hút hơn nữa. Hello Christ the King Church Family, ​ My name is Fr. Brian Cundall and I wanted to send out a brief note simply saying how happy I am to be here at Christ the King. I’m looking forward to working with y’all here at CTK as your new parish administrator. I am excited to grow with y’all and I wanted to reiterate that I am always willing to talk or field any questions. I would like to say that our goal as Catholics remains the same; our goal is to grow closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Finally, thank you for being so welcoming my first weekend here at Christ the King. Your brother in Christ, Fr. Brian Cundall ​ ​ ​ ​ Hola Familia de la Parroquia Cristo Rey, Mi nombre es Padre Brian Cundall y yo quería enviar una breve nota diciendo simplemente lo feliz que estoy de estar aquí en la parroquia Cristo Rey. Tengo muchas ganas de trabajar con todos ustedes aquí en Cristo Rey como su nuevo administrador parroquial. Estoy emocionado de crecer con todos ustedes, y quería reiterar que siempre estoy dispuesto a hablar o responder cualquier pregunta. Me gustaría decir que nuestro objetivo como Católicos sigue siendo el mismo; nuestro objetivo es acercarnos más a nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo. Finalmente, gracias por dar la bienvenida a mi primer fin de semana aquí en Cristo Rey. Su hermano en Cristo, Padre Brian Cundall

  • SCRIP | CTK Church

    Scrip What is Scrip? It is a program where you buy gift cards to places you already shop or eat and CTK gets a portion of the money in return! ​ How do I order? Simply fill out our online order form and we will mail them to you! School parents: We will bill you through FACTS Parishioners: Please pay online via PayPal or Venmo ​ What places are available? There are over 40 different stores or restaurants with available gift cards! A few of the available options are Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Panera, George’s Chili’s, and many more! CTK Parishioners: Use THIS link to order: CTK School Families: Use THIS link to order: Parishioners need to pay online and school parents will be charged via FACTS. Pay online at: or Venmo:

  • CHURCH NEWS | CTK Church

    Các sự kiện hàng năm của Nhà thờ Our church has many ways to stay up to date on all of our activities and programs Church Bulletins Please follow the link to read our latest Church Bulletins. ​ Church Newsletter Subscribe to our E-Newsletter Read Here Church Text Updates Check us out on Social Media

  • BAPTISM | CTK Church

    Đây là một Đoạn văn. Nhấp vào "Chỉnh sửa Văn bản" hoặc nhấp đúp vào hộp văn bản để bắt đầu chỉnh sửa nội dung và đảm bảo thêm bất kỳ chi tiết hoặc thông tin liên quan nào mà bạn muốn chia sẻ với khách truy cập của mình. Cái nút Click Here Click Here Baptism Baptism is more than just a social occasion. Through baptism, God enables us to participate in His life in Jesus Christ and makes us His children. Through this sacrament, we receive the Holy Spirit and become members of the People of God, of the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Baptism becomes our commitment to grow in this new life and to strive to acquire spiritual maturity. By baptism, God purifies us from sin.


    LIÊN HỆ TOUR TRỢ CẤP Download Application by Clicking on the PDF Button

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